Boat Storage

Getting your boat out of storage.

Boat Spring De-Winterization Out of storage

$159 (plus tax)

De-winterizations include the following:

Install and Charge battery, advise if battery needs to be replaced.

Test the Charging System and Starting System.

Inspect Instrumentation, blower, bilge pump, and horn.

Inspect all fluid levels and top off if needed.

 Inspect for leaks in fuel, oil, and water systems.

Inspect the condition of all hoses and belts.

Test operation of tilt/trim systems.

Test operation of tilt/trim systems.

Start the engine and let it get up to operating temp.

Verify proper shift and throttle operation.

Test steering from port to starboard.

Verify idle quality and adjust if necessary
(EFI may require further diagnosis).

Inspect the propeller and skeg. Verify if the drain plug is in the watercraft.

Inspect tether if equipped.

Verify the condition of fuel lines and connections.

Inspect all navigation lighting.

Inspect radio function if equipped.

Make sure Fire Extinguisher has adequate charge.

Inspect the general condition of the watercraft (Advise of any abnormalities).

Inspect trailer lights, chains, and winch if equipped.

Adjust tire pressure and inspect tire condition on the trailer.

Please Note: We strongly recommend that Spicer’s Boat City de-winterizes your watercraft to avoid any issues that may occur before you take your watercraft to the water.

Out Of Storage Options (please select all that apply)
Get your boat detailed from the professionals at Spicer's.

Fiberglass boat detailing includes interior detail, wash and shampooing of carpet.

Fiber Glass Detail Prices:
16 - 19 Foot $339
20 - 25 Foot $429
Hull Clean(with Acid) 16 - 19 Foot $239
Hull Clean(with Acid) 20 - 25 Foot $289
Just Shampooing Carpet $139

Pontoon detailing includes complete detail inside and out.  Shampooing carpet, biminis & cover cleaning, and vinyl protectant applied. (Acid wash extra).

Pontoon Detailing Prices:
16 - 19 Foot $339
20 - 24 Foot $429
26 - 31 Foot (10 foot wide) $559

Acid wash of Pontoon Tubes:
16 - 19 Foot $249
20 - 25 Foot $289

Please add a boat detail before delivery or pickup.
Please provide 2 weeks minimum notice. We will confirm availability.